Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the CZ 75

[Music] [Music] the cz-75 is a short coil operated locked-breech pistol and nine millimetre parabellum with the double stack magazine CZ was founded in 1918 by members of the austro-hungarian military it was furred – is the state armament and engineering work of Brno because it was located in Brno Czechoslovakia in 1948 due to a communist coup CZ became a naturalized communist manufacturer of weapons out of all this comes the cz-75 one of the finest handguns ever made carried by military police officers all over the country and also used in many pistol shooting competitions and often carried by citizens is one of the greatest pistols ever manufactured so this video is going to take a look at the top ten things you probably did not know about the cz 75 number one invented by Joseph n Francisco key redundant zine Brothers 4 CZ ub and they designed post-world war ii guns and were some of the most influential gun designers in the cold war these two brothers ultimately invented the CZ 75 but for the most part every gun that they built had to be approved by the russian authority and they were given very limited freedom on their gun designs more so because of the secret of nature of what they did they always signed everything with a surname they never use their actual name that way you didn’t know which weather was working on which parts of which guns number two after over 20 years of designing guns for the russian authority they were asked to design a nine millimetre parabellum double stack magazine god that ultimately became the cz-75 now what is significant about this gun is they were given total freedom to do whatever they wanted on this gun the cz 75 was the very first gun designed by the coqui brothers that ultimately was their freedom to do what they always dreamed of do more so this gun was not being created for the eastern world it was designed specifically to export into the Western world at no point during the cold or did anybody on the east side of the Iron Curtain carry a cz 75 primarily because the guns they use for the 9-millimeter Makarov are the 7.62 by 25 number three the cz 75 designers both the cookies and the cz UB company were not allowed to hold international patents instead what they held were secret patents of east of the Iron Curtain and this is why so many other manufacturers clone the cz 75 because there never was an international patent on this gun number four after the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989 there was a non-violent transfer of power from one party’s communist rule led by several protesters throughout Czechoslovakia referred to as the Velvet Revolution it was a very nonviolent protest that essentially transferred power from communist one-party rule to multi-party rule the reason this is significant is because it was immediately following the government revolution that checklist of akhi and police and military carried the cz-75 for the very first time after 1989 number 5 due to failed attempts to secure world patents and heavy taxation on checklist of mocking products by the USA the very first cz-75 to be sold in the USA was actually hidden under the name of Fratelli tang folios so the tank folio was really the very first cz-75 to be sold in the United States number 6 because of all the problems of patents there are 20 gun manufacturers from 13 different countries making cz-75 coins number 7 because of that there are 22 countries using cz 75 s duty weapons both police and military number 80 2002 the perpetrator of the Monash University shooting in Australia used a cz 75 to kill two students and one 5 others now the reason this is significant because it was exactly that event that made the state of Victoria greatly increased gun restrictions and instituted strict gun laws was immediately following that that the entire country Australia instituted very very strict gun laws and restrictions and right now Australia receiving very little gun rights for their citizens and their crime rate is going up because of these laws that all started with the cz-75 number 9 excluding all the cz-75 clones we’re talking only the guns made by cz USA or CZ u B there are over 40 different variations of the cz 75 made by the cz corporation and finally number 10 my all-time favorite is there is a cz 75 automatic that is being made that I would love to get a hold of this is a full auto of cz 75 it actually allows you to put one of the magazines and attach it up front to hold it as a foregrip love to get that particular variation so there you go there’s ten things you probably didn’t know about the cz 75 if you liked this video click like and subscribe you can also now find us on facebook under god family guns but by far the most important part of this youtube channels it is a ministry too so we take prayer requests so please don’t ever hesitate on this FN thank you for watching this episode of got family guns and as always love god love your family you