The NEW Kimber Micro 9

wrapping up the video with the scar in my opinion say even say that no with what they they’re gonna do push it forward sup guys counter with guns and stuff and today we’re going to be looking at the brand new Kimber micro 9-millimeter I haven’t seen anyone really have this yet coming to the range with it still kind of coming out people are buying it up quick so they’re kind of hard to get I’ve been able to get my hands on one gonna do some shooting with it tell you guys a little bit about it that’s pretty much it let’s do it all right so we’ve got the new Kimber 9 micro they do have a 380 micro that’s been out I think since like 2012 or 13 this is pretty much the big brother of that nine-millimeter obviously it weighs about fifteen point six ounces empty with a loaded magazine I’m not sure I’ll weigh it out in a second has a aluminum frame here steel slide and steel barrel obviously the stainless version which I do not have here as a stainless steel slide it’s just over an inch wide so it’s it’s this is this is a carry nine-millimeter it’s small it’s light the only really thing about it is you don’t really have that high of a capacity but hopefully don’t have to use any so yeah just over an inch wide stainless steel barrel slide my fist up the barrel is about 3.15 inches so just over just over three inches on the barrel I’ve been getting some pretty good accuracy today I’ll show you guys some grooves pretty good accuracy with this little gun shoots really good and handles really good only thing for me I’m a lefty it does not come with an mm dexterous safety so that is kind of a bummer and I don’t think any of the three models that come with that so that’s kind of a bummer for us lefties but we cope with it another thing is the sights the owner of this put the front sight as white but without that it’s just black sites so that’s also kind of a bummer it’d be nice to have some night sights on there something the sights are metal they’re not plastic which is pretty cool it’s got a 1/16 twist right on that barrel about 4.3 inches on the site radius there it’s a nice nice light gun it shoots really well it’s got a match grade trigger it’s made out of about seven pounds and that’s probably about true this gun isn’t even broken in yet this gun has had maybe 75 rounds through it and the the guy that owns this gun I work with and he told me that I’m not sure what kind of ammo was I think it was just a mo that we found off the ground when we were sweeping and he was running this through throwing that emerald through this gun he said it did failure to extract a few times right now I’m running this federal just whatever federal I think it’s Walmart ammo 115 grams haven’t had any problems I’ve put about 60 rounds through it no problems at all so pretty much this is a mini 1911 it’s really a good carry gun and the bat comes with one magazine which is kind of a bummer comes with a nice little Kimber couch I don’t know if any of you have bought Kimber’s but I think all of them come with it’s like a little zipper pouch a little case comes with a sticker owner’s manual in a box unfortunately I do not have the box here but this gun works with almost all sig 938 accessories so this is a 938 mag I’ve been running it today I think I put four bags through it with this magazine works fine and honestly these magazines look exactly the same just one of them says sig and the other one doesn’t say anything this is what came with it so I think the two 9:38 holsters work as well so that’s kind of cool really nice gun get two more groups with it obviously it’s a single action only got a safety there takes down just like a little 1911 and view some more shooting with it MSRP on this gun is about 877 so that’s kind of pricey the guy who has owns this gun got it first of 579 at Cabela’s and these things are flying off the shelves as soon as they as soon as they’re available people buy them so these might not be easy to find for a while he got it for 579 got 50 . he had a $50 off coupon so these guns are going to around run about 600 to 650 so that’s that’s kind of pricey it’s not the cheapest gun in the world the most affordable but um it’s a Kimber they’re extremely accurate and I haven’t had any problems today we keep running it and suit you guys thing all right so I had a failure to extract here this is probably my seventh or eighth mag I can’t really remember shooting a group and didn’t extract as you can see there I haven’t even messed with it yet I wanted to show you guys so I’m going to go ahead and clear this pop the mag out maybe that’s gonna be hard to get out I’m going to lock it to the rear drop the mag out we’re going to get that casing out yeah just fell out I don’t know what that’s about I just wanted to show you guys that going to dump one more mag through it and we’re going to see if it jams up again so hopefully it does it and that was with the the sig sauer mag I’m pretty sure these are the same exact magazines but I’m gonna go ahead run the Kimber mag the one that came with it and we’ll see what happens and again this is 115 grain federal I don’t even know where the boxes is just just 115 grain federal ammunition so just wanted to show you guys that didn’t jam up that time so I have a decent amount of trigger time behind the cig 9:38 which is pretty much cigs or this is pretty much Kimber’s answer to the 938 all steel I’m sorry all metal a little carry nine-millimeter they both shoot really good one thing I do have to say is the 938 some models come with an ambidextrous safety and no models of this do another thing is the signai Nate most of them come with some sort of a night sight where it’s not just black like these but this is a match grade barrel very very accurate from what I’m seeing so far and they’re both little micro carry 9s they both shoot about the same they got a decent amount of kick to them nothing too crazy but yeah I really like this Kimber going to keep running it and what do you know there’s another jam failure to extract rounds right there so let’s go ahead clear it pop the mag out get that casing out that kind of sucks Braham fine all right so thank you guys for watching the micro 9 video it’s a very nice gun it’s very light shoots good the only problem is I had a couple jams I’m not sure if that’s because like a break-in period for this Kimber but a couple times it did not extract so that’s kind of a bummer but anyways we’re going to keep running this and I’ll have an update in the future on if it keeps running thank you guys for watching Connor with guns and stuff signing out see in the next video you