S&W M&P Shield 9mm – Would I Really Bet My Life On This Pistol?

hey guys today we’re going to do a video on the Smith & Wesson shield this one is chambered a nine-millimeter now I did a shield video a while back but in that video I had borrowed that gun from a friend and I mentioned in that video that I liked the gun so much I was going to go out and buy my own shield and that’s what I’ve done so we’re going to we’re going to shoot this one today chamber to nine-millimeter you can also get this gun in 40 caliber but and this one is a little different than the one I shot in my other video so let’s take a quick look at it put some rounds through it see if we have any problems otherwise we’re just going to have a lot of fun okay on the shield here we have a polymer frame we have a stainless steel slide and a stainless steel barrel and that barrel measures 3.1 inches now I like staying especially if you’re going to carry a gun like this concealed up against your body and one of the strong points on this gun is it has metal sights on it most your polymer guns have plastic sights this one again is metal very good three dot system on it you’ll notice this little set screw right here that is not to adjust the rear sight Smith & Wesson says do not adjust the rear if you need to adjust your windage which is your your left and right impact you would move your front sight for that and you do have a loaded chamber indicator right here if this had it loaded round in it you would be able to see the rim of the case in that little hole there here’s your takedown lever here’s your slide release and you’ll notice this gun does not have a safety on it which would normally be right about here that first gun I shot had an external safety right here I chose a gun without the safety on it another thing I really like about this gun it’s less than an inch thick very very compact fits my hand really good does come with two magazines here’s the seven round magazine as you can see it fits flush with the bottom and when I hold a gun my little pinkie sticks out on the bottom but the gun also comes with an extended eight round magazine and that fits my hand much better so when I carry my gun concealed I carry it with the eight round magazine one round in a chamber and I carry my seven round magazine in my pocket that gives me a total of sixteen rounds of 9-millimeter jacketed hollow-point ammo and we’re going to cover that ammo real quick and then we’re going to do some shooting okay I’ve got some spear Full Metal Jacket I’ve got some PMC star fire I have some federal 124 grain Hydra Shok I carry these bullets in my gun for defense I’ve got some Winchester silver tip 115 grain and got some Remington golden saber 124 grain jacketed hollow-point this is this – the ammo I almost always carry in my shield excellent bullet excellent design we’re going to start off with nine rounds of Remington golden saber again this is the ammo I carry in this gun for self defense golden saber one golden saber versus one litre of root beer you I have one water jug and one bullet so far I’ve put about 300 rounds through this gun and I have not had one single problem with this so if you’re looking for a good concealable reliable accurate gun for concealed carry take a look at the Smith & Wesson shield 9 millimeter or 40 caliber anyways thanks for watching my video we’ll see you next time Smith & Wesson shield you