S&W M&P Shield 9mm Review – 1000 Rounds Later

so what more can be said about the Smith & Wesson M&P shield this thing has been reviewed up-and-down from every YouTube celebrity channel you can think of all over the internet as posters and is marketing all over the gun shops and it’s been around for a few years now I’ve had this one for about two years carried for the first year and I’m currently waiting to update my concealed carry in this state which seems to be taking about nine months to get but eventually I’m going to carry it over again and I’ll tell ya great shooter accurate everything you’d ever want in a concealed carry firearm excellent job by Smith & Wesson on this one right here you’ll see when carrying it it doesn’t wear that much it’s not like a whole lot of holster wear and I use one of these Fox Kydex holsters kind of got some wear on it but it’s all use I do carry oh I’ll leave in the glove box or something I mean and what I do when I do carry is also go and I’ll carry this one’s unloaded from carry hollow-points in one of these eight round magazines here and I’ll have a little seven round on the side just in case or okay the seven round and then have the eight rounder on the side just in case one of the one gripe I will say but the shield is eight rounds fully loaded goes in just fine right nice fit pops out easily seven rounds these are both seven rounds so happen to have a little pinky plate it doesn’t really matter seven rounds very difficult to seat the magazine especially this one right here a lot of force kind of hanging out quite a bit if you rack around in there this will go a little more flush but it’s kind of an interesting thing thing about though that it’s kind of hard to reload a mag so if you’re reloading a mag with the slot if the slide is open no problem right to go right in just like that looks good right but if you’re reloading it I’m saying it’s pretty hard so something to think about um you take it apart for you guys like I said we’re not a whole lot of wear you’ll see on some of the parts sticking out like right here I’m gonna take down lever it’s kind of worn down a little bit from whole string andrey whole string but really it’s not too bad you know get a good view there no scrapes no weird warrior doll marks maybe on top of the slide here a little bit where it juts up but always check make sure it’s clear but before you pull that trigger this one hasn’t been cleaning a little bit I need to get it cleaned up since the last time went to the range you know typical wear and tear nothing too crazy everything’s still in the right place this bar has got quite a lot of wear on it there Springs give me a little dirty though barrels got a little wear on the outside some scuff marks it’s a little dirty barrel needs to be cleaned out I guess I haven’t clean it probably shot 100 rounds through it since the last cleaning cleaning so but yeah but about a thousand rounds through this the last couple of years so just to show you guys what a thousand rounds looks like we’re on this thing holding up great like I said phenomenal shooter um really snappy that’s something not a lot of people talk about but you know getting back on target with this thing is obviously not as easy as a full sized nine-millimeter it’s quite snappy and it’s not something to shoot all day I mean you can but you’re gonna be feeling in your wrist after a while but it’s a super-fun range range going to have and concealed carry as well it’s just like I said it’s a little snappy safety a lot of people concerned about the safety right here it’s a very positive safety will actually do is I’ll leave it on in the holster you know people are some people different but I’ll practice as I’m pulling it out of the holster I’ll have my thumb up here when I grab the gun flip it down and I guess that’s very positive so really any part of your thumb it hits this flinging right down sounds like a little ledge right there but it’s not enough the ledge to get caught on something it’s not really sharp it’s more just kind of you can catch your finger on it that’s about it you’re not gonna get caught on anything pulling out it definitely um the back of the frame kind of protects you from that so good design on the safety there for sure co-chairing it’s nice they did out of safety cuz some people do like that and I like it too I don’t wanna there’s no chance of really a bit anything ever happening but just in case it’s nice to have up there and if you train with it it’s not a big deal so see I did some more shooting video out in the farm so take a look here and thanks for watching alright guys about the range today shooting a Smith & Wesson M&P SHIELD nine-millimeter been shooting this perfecta Walmart cheap $10 ammo all day and so far so good I’ve had this for quite a while now over a year or two and no problems whatsoever so excellent carry piece and see how she does the Walmart stuff isn’t very accurate but it’s definitely a good target ammo so there you have it Smith & Wesson M&P SHIELD nine-millimeter pretty solid little concealed carry pistol so well thanks for watching guys subscribe to the channel like the video comment with any questions you have below have a good one Thanks we do it