SIG P320 vs Glock 19

you hello everybody this is hammer striker here today we’ve got 2 9 millimeter guns on the table that target the concealed carry market and I’m going to kind of compare them talked about some of the differences and what factors might come into why you would choose one over the other the two guns we’ve got here are the six our p320 so I’ll pick that one up first and show you that it is unloaded so this is the p2 320 compact model this is available in a subcompact compact something they call the carry which surprisingly actually has a longer grip and with carry typically the grip is tired part to hide and the full size but the compact comes closest to the other gun that I’ve got here on the table which is a Glock 19 this happens to be a gen 4 it is unloaded and this is actually called a compact buy Glock that the Glock 19 is their compact version the glock 17 would be the full-size and Glock 26 would be the subcompact in the nine-millimeter there is a lot of features in common between these guns both of them are striker fired guns both of them have drop safeties so they’re integral in it really drops safe neither one of these guns has an external safety so all the safety mechanisms are based on not firing unless the trigger is pulled both of them have a Picatinny rail one of the differences though the Glock just has a single rail notch and the p320 has multiple notches it does give you a little more flexibility on the p320 to mount certain devices that may not be adaptable as much no as far as which slot they fit in so that is one plus for the p320 from a ambidextrous flexibility use the p320 does have any IDE extras slide release so it’s available on both sides the Glock does not slide release on the Glock is only on the left side for right-handed shooters and there’s no ability to move it over to the other side that’s the side of time however both guns allow you if to move the magazine release over to the other side without having to buy any parts with one obstruction that features on the glock’s is only available in the gen force on the P 320 you can also reverse that flip it over to the other side without having to buy any additional parts the one thing that is significantly different between the two is how you customize them to fit your hand both of them are customisable with the Glock it comes with this replaceable back strap setup and that is definitely with the gen force and you can pop you’ll see this one has the large back strap on it I can pop this pin out up here at the top pull this back strap off operate the gun without the back strap at all which would be its smallest configuration or put one of the other size back straps on it and what that allows it to do is configure to the size of your hand and put your grip in the position you want it to be and those replaceable back straps come with the gun in the box the p320 takes a different approach to it what they have is this plastic frame is actually not the gun the firearm is a component that’s inside does a chassis that’s mounted inside this that’s a serialized part that you have to go through an FFL to get and you can buy additional plastic frames and drop that jassi’s in it this particular one is the compact medium asou fitting it up where you can see it so it says C – M so this is the compact size medium grip they come in a small and large grip and that the compact denotes the length and height dimensions of it and the medium small and large denote how fat this grip part is which is you know equivalent to these back straps the advantage to that is you can actually change the length of the gun note the frame that it’s in and do some further customization with the the six hour the disadvantage is you actually have to buy those audio aftermarket they’re a little bit hard to get we’ve had a hard time finding compact large and carry large grip frames because hammers hands are bigger than mine and we’re having a real hard time finding them so that flexibility is great if you can actually get the parts they also tend to average about 50 bucks so if you wanted to switch this between you know what it’s got here and let’s say the larger the small if you could find one it’s going to cost you about 50 bucks plus shipping you know and possibly even plus tax so it is flexible and customizable but it’s not quite as convenient to do the customization few of the other things you’ll notice that are different between the two of them is the cig the p320 series at least least the compact comes with sig light night sights and there are three dot sight arrangement and they are day/night sight so real easy see during the day and easy to see at night the glock comes with your typical black u dot sights which during the day are very easy to pick up and very bright but these are not night sights night sights are available for the block all over the aftermarket i think e glock may even make a set that’s probably made form by the aftermarket but you’re going to have a hard time finding a block sitting on the shelf with anything but these sights the sig comes with the night sights as part of the basic package both guns you’ll see that the sights our dovetailed and replaceable so you can replace them with the sights of your choice and it’s relatively easy or you push them out push them in and at least with the clock there’s a significant amount of flexibility and aftermarket support and one thing I’ll note on the Glock the front sights pinned but it’s not permanently pin there’s a little bolt underneath that you know take the slide off there’s a little bolt your remove and the sight pops right off so changing sights on either one of these is easy there’s a little more flexibility in the aftermarket for the clock one of the other things that’s a little bit different between them and it actually can be significant since these target the concealed carry market is the size of them for my length per set just for respective front to back the sig is 7.2 inches and the Glock is 7.28 inches which isn’t a significant difference we’ll put on top here side by side and what I’m going to do is I’m going to put them beaver tail to beaver tail and you’ll see when I put the beaver tail line up the sigit ends up a whole lot longer because they don’t count the beaver tail in their overall dimensions when I line them up back of the slide to the back of the slide the Glock is a little bit longer so it all depends on how you’re going to carry this and whether or not that beaver tail would be in the way or part of the equation but overall from a length perspective they’re roughly the same from a height perspective there is a bit more difference the Glock is four point nine nine inches top to bottom and the p320 is five point three inches and I’m going to put their magazines in on your empty magazines so you can see what they look with they’re flush mount magazines installed and both of the flush mount magazines have a little bit of a lip on the block the base of the magazine sticks out a little bit on the sig it kind of blends into the base a little bit but you’ll see that the Glock is still significantly shorter in the grip and the grip when you’re trying to do a concealed carry that’s the part that’s hard to hide the barrel is a little easier to hide because it’s usually pointing somewhere along the lines of your body and the grip is pointing you know perpendicular to rowdy and you’ll stick out from the back of your shirt or whatever from a height perspective using the gun let the other things you’re going to notice is the sig has a significantly higher bore axis when I got ahold of the sig and way down here with this nice beaver tail and the beaver tail does do a good job of making sure that you don’t get slide back but you can see how high up it’s almost a full finger difference between the top of my hand touching the beaver tail and the bottom of slide when I hold the Glock I’m right up there on it and there’s a very very narrow gap between the top of my hand and the slide now as far as a slide by perspective if you hold the block properly it’s not going to bite you I’ve never been slide bit by a block but if you kind of hold it sloppy or get your hand back here it’s more likely to happen but the the bore axis comes into play is it affects the felt recoil the Glock is going to have a little bit less felt recoil because there’s less of a twisting effect because you’re up closer to the bore some people tend to be a little more intimidate by that being closer to the slide because they’re they’re fearing that they might get slide bit but holding it firing it you’re going to be ghetto overall you’re going to have a little bit better control with the block from a takedown perspective both are very easy to maintain with the block you verify that it’s clear of course bolkcom you have to remove the magazine take it down pull the trigger pull the slide back a little bit and it pops right apart so it’s easy to put to take apart and it’s just as easy to put back together or it’s like and you’re back in operation the sig is a different process but it’s equally easy on the sig you lock it back you flip this lever down it has to be no magazine if you can’t flip the lever down at this magazine in it you flip the lever down hold on to it because it’s under spring tension and your headset at pots apart I’ll take a moment to detour on the sig this metal framework you can see this is the chassis if I were to pull this pin completely out I could pull this whole assembly out and I would have the actual legal firearm in my hand and then insert it into the frame of my choice and basically its full compatibility among the frames even though if you pick a frame that’s got a longer or shorter length than your slide it’ll still function it will just kind of look like a Franken gun reassembling it’s just as easy wind it up pull it back and lock it back flip the lever up so from a maintenance standpoint both of these are very easy to disassemble and maintain no additional tools are required for basic field-strip and maintenance from a magazine capacity standpoint they’re both are roughly equal when you talk about the magazines you do four carry the this is your Glock magazine and the stock magazine is 15 plus one and this is the Sigma zine which is also 50 and plus one hundred turn around so you can see the Waipa Souls 15 plus one both of these will accept the magazines from the next higher up gun so with that for the black would be the black 17 you put the magazine it kind of hangs down a little bit and with the cig it would be the full-size designation or the carry and both of them use a slightly longer magazine it holds 17 rounds of course plus one and then with the cig the bit largest magazine that’s available from sig is this 21 one maximum that ships with the TAC ops version and it will work equally well in it again just hangs down a little bit with the Glock you can get this 31 round magazine and then there’s a number of plus one plus two baseplate extenders from black and many aftermarket companies that you can put on it that add it up you can also get 50 or on drums hundred round double drums just a whole host of aftermarket interesting magazines and just because you just got to see what it looks like but you put the 31 plus round magazine on it and you’ve got this great big long creature that’s actually surprisingly easy to manage and hold and fire so from a magazine compatibility standpoint there’s a little more options with the Glock when you start getting into the big and wild stuff but when you’re talking about home defence concealed carry you know the real intended purposes of these capacities is the same on both of them now weight is a little bit different the compact sig with NF do magazine is twenty five point eight ounces the Glock 19 with an empty magazine is twenty three point six five ounces so you’ve got about two ounce difference between the two of them and you know couple ounces can be significant concealed carry especially if you’re trying to do pocket or even inside the waistband and the things flopping around on your hip price is probably one of the biggest differences the Glock can be routinely had again this is Gen 4 can be routinely had for anywhere between five hundred and five hundred and fifty dollars if you remember a GS SF it’s 150 plus dollars less expensive than that but if we just talk about the average person walking into the average gun store 500 to 550 and pick up a lock the cig is going to routinely cost you anywhere from 650 to 700 dollars so six a more expensive gun at least based on MSRP you may be able to find it online or on sale for different you know lower price so those are kind of the you know the the significant differences between them and then it’s just going to come down to feel the trigger on both of them is quite nice I happen to like the Glock trigger a little bit better especially because this this Glock has the three and a half pound connector which has now been renamed the – connector and it’s been polished both of them come from the factory with a nice trigger once you put the polish job on the Glock it actually has in my mind a little bit nicer trigger when you figure out some of the you know the primary differences the cost the grip height the weight and a few of those features and some of the flexibility the block kind of edges they say gout just a little bit in bang for the buck both are great guns both are high-quality guns this one is the one that we borrowed from a local viewer we borrowed it back to do the comparison he’s had no trouble with it and the time we had it it worked great with us and Glocks you know the reliability is notable this clock has been reliable from day one and that’s typical of Glocks so either one of these is going to give you a high quality well manufactured a very reliable gun that will serve you well in a concealed carry room and has varying flexibilities based on you know how they’ve chosen to do it but both of them are customizable and configurable so if you like our videos please give us a thumbs up share subscribe check us out on Facebook and have a great day thank you you