Ruger SR1911 Review

hey guys how’s it going it’s got 11 tags in here doing a review slash unboxing of a Ruger firearm today a brand you can trust the Ruger SR1911 now when you get it it’s going to look similar to this the extra mag get your nice rear soft case of the gun ships in you get all your paperwork hoopla test-fire round and a lock that we all have about 100 of it’s cool that Ruger actually gave you at least a soft case for this I hate it when you pay hundreds of dollars for gun and they just throw it in the cardboard box really appreciate when I give you cases oh and look at this beauty right here isn’t she gorgeous one sexy bad-ass look in 1911 gun is unloaded by the way so it comes with two mags you get your standard seven round flush mount magazine this is a 45 ACP they do not make a 9 mil or 22 version and you get your extended eight round mag I like the way that looks with the extended mag and then this is your takedown tool and you’ll put it right here just like that press down and turn to can take your gun apart I have a video how to field-strip this gun and take it apart you guys want to check that out in the description made in the good ol US of A Prescott Arizona this is a rugers first 1911 this came out in December of 2012 this is their 5-inch version is the first one they came out with they have a four and a quarter inch one that’s the barrel four and a quarter inch barrel that’s the river commander and they have a commander lightweight and they got some dealer exclusive ones that are all black and things like that these will this particular one runs from anywhere from like six 46:15 that goes up from there and for that price you don’t get a whole lot of you know you know get a whole lot of stuff for that price like a lot of guys nowadays we get quality this this guns up there with some of those top quality 1911’s and so for 650 you get you get great quality for that price you know I got this gun because I went in 1911 by once a little bit different I didn’t want to pay 800 to a thousand dollars for some of these you know 1911 I didn’t want a little Rock Island Armory 1911 either but so when Ruger announced its they came out with this I had to get I’m glad I got it when I did at the time if I got it when they first came out and I’m in love with this and I love this kind of such a sweet looking gun it’s a little bit different than some other 45s out there alright so let’s go to the get to the features of this gun this gun has a low glare stainless steel finish it has a round indicator it has a little bit from the original 1911 original 1911’s the ejection ports a little bit bigger to help prevent the ejection prevent stovepipes things like that I have all your standard 1911 nonsense on your left side nothing on your right no I am deco safety nothing so it’s a right-handed gun they do tweaked it a little bit they gave you Novak’s tight style sights use a pretty sweet is beavertails a little bit elongated to protect your hand from getting pinched and then the magazine release is a little bit extended out so it’s easier to press and it just this gun just shoots those mags right out which I like really appreciate that but everything is there yet skillets nice trigger skeletonized hammer so they put a few little tweaks on it this gun will accept any night after market 1911 parts magazines anything so anything that that works on 1911 will work on this gun the specs of this gun this is a eight point seven inches long five and a half inches tall 1.3 inches wide it weighs a thirty nine ounces unloaded the the trigger pull is anywhere from four and a half to about five it five pounds it’s a very nice crisp clean trigger smooth breakaway no creep in nothing it’s a pretty good trigger on here the barrel is a on this particular model this is a five inch barrel just give you some final thoughts on this gun sorry if the the lighting kind of goes from light to dark the clouds are moving in front of the Sun but some final thoughts on this gun when you’re shooting this gun this gun is a blast to shoot it’s fun to shoot is a fourth at the weight you know plays and helps for the recoil management and it being a single stack it’s even though it’s a big gun heavy gun that still fits in your hand really nice it’s a you know relatively slim gun but this thing is accurate it’s uh shoots very smoothly and flawlessly you know other than my Glock this is a mauser in the Glock 19 this is the best best gun I’m shooting at and while my other friends can shoot this thing very well two things very accurate and it runs flawlessly it’s had a no no failures whatsoever I’ve shot a few hundred rounds through this and I heard other people shooting a you know thousands upon thousands of rounds and they have no problem with this gun so this gun is very reliable has never let me down so this is this is a joint for defense home defense carry whatever it’s it’s a great range in so overall great range toy great gun to shoot I love shooting this thing is one of my favorites this gun though a couple things that denote it it’s one of the guns that are needs to be shot played with to loosen it up because the slides going to be hard to pull back the slide release is going to be a little bit hard to push down so this is one of the guns that you’re going to have to play with and shoot it a lot to loosen things up to make it easier to operate the only problem I’ve had with this gun I don’t know if it’s my gun or if other people’s had this problem but the trigger here that it rattles a little bit I mean it doesn’t hinder the function of the gun or anything at all just I’ve noticed it rattle like that I can’t remember if it came like that or if this just happened after time but I mean it doesn’t really bother me but it’s just something to mention that that rouse I don’t know haven’t really a mess with if I can change that or not but yeah I overall highly recommend this gun for 650 it’s a great gun great quality I can’t say that enough I’m amazed with this and I yeah not much else to say about this thing so if you guys have any questions comments or anything you want to know about this gun or anything about my videos please let me know I have a field trip about this video I have a link in the description and the thanks for watching