RECOILtv Gun Room: Kimber Micro 9 (full episode)

for the past few years the hot ticket item when it comes to concealed carry guns has been the single stacked polymer-framed 9-millimeter well Kimber has come up with a micro 9 it’s an aluminum frame 6 plus 1 capacity single action gun and let’s see how it stacks up against the polymer frame blocks crafting superior production firearms that are hand finished and made in America synonymous with quality precision and excellence Kimber is what all guns should be you the first thing you’ll notice when you pick up the gun is that looks like a 1911 and it feels like in 1911 and in fact it’s got all the 1911 controls everybody knows and loves such as the left-sided safety single action trigger it has single-stack magazine sized specifically for the 9-millimeter cartridge and it has the Browning tilting barrel system it in this case it’s got a bushing this barrel as you can see there which means that takedown is a lot simpler trigger comes in right about about five six pounds and is pretty decent recently Chris brick overall it’s a good-looking gun sights on this gun are great for carry gun they’re big bold easy to pick up and made of honest-to-goodness steel rather than plastic dovetail fillers the only thing that I could see to improve them is if they had a ledge on the front side of the rear sight so that you could snag it on a belt in order to clear stoppages one-handed should the need arise one thing you do notice though when you do come to pick it up like most the microscopic 9 millimeters that are on the market right now you can only get two fingers on the grip your pinky hangs off in space I don’t know where the Kimber is going to come up with a finger extension for that to make shooting it more comfortable but if the aftermarket can provide them that’s going to be a benefit so if you are a 1911 fan let’s go take a look at it how it stacks up against the market leaders we’ve got a few examples here first of all one of my personal favorites the wall for PPS m2 another polymer frame gun Kimber ok PPS m2 as you can see it’s another polymer frame gun and the Kimber is actually smaller than it it’s also smaller than the Glock 43 so if you stack one of these on top of each other you can see that the Kimber’s barrel and slide is actually shorter than the G 43 also it’s also about 2 ounces lighter than the G 43 in comparison to the shield the micro is positively microscopic not only is it shorter front to back length in the but it’s also shorter than the but he does have a sacrifice to rounds of capacity one problem that’s plagued small 1911’s has been real my ability once you get away from the full-size John Moses Browning approved platform then things start to get a little bit wonky I’m going to take this little fella off to the range right now put a bunch of rounds through it see how it holds up okay here to code on that one when choosing a carry gun you’re always going to face the trade-off between Portability and effectiveness with this little Kimber Micro 9 it tips the scales on the portability side of things so let’s see how it stacks up against the full-size gun when it comes to putting rounds on target $1.99 third round 2.5 3 seconds or about half a second slower with a full-size going on a 10-yard bill drill pretty good ergonomics on this pistol are really nice once you get used to it finding the safety flicking it off then you can get on target pretty quickly and take a safe works for a little girl it doesn’t buck too hard and gets the results speak for themselves first impressions of the Kimber micro 9 on its first range outing well I’m reasonably impressed by this little girl I’m not a huge fan but single action only guns as carry guns but in this one it really performs the safety is easy to get on and off the gun runs reliably it’s accurate sights are great and the only downside to it is that it’s a two finger gun so you think he’s hanging up in space if you’re shooting hot defensive loads then you’re gonna have to fight the recoil but that’s the same with any small gun overall yeah this one gets about an 8 out of 10 I like it I’m made by this one in fact my better half hasn’t already got our eyes on it so maybe that one becomes part of the collection