New Kimber Micro 9 & Micro 380 : 2017 NRA Atlanta

yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] while we’re at the 2017 NRA annual meeting in Atlanta this year we stopped by the Kimber booth we always love stopping by there not only are they some of the kindest people we’ve ever met but Kimber’s in business and making an outstanding gun and the micro nines have been some of the most popular 9-millimeter CCW pistols out there and they’re making so many varieties now that we’re always interested in seeing the new varieties they have it really gives you the ability to personalize your micro 9 hi this is Rachel I’m here in the Kimber booth at the NRA annual meeting 2017 in Atlanta Georgia we just launched six new micros and this is one of them right here this is a micro 9 desert night with laser grip so this is one of a few different models and you can check them all out right now on our website and that’s Kimber America comm we’ve got a lot of different color options here a lot of new laser current models and then for those who want to go kind of beyond the black and the tan theme right here we also have the micro 9 a micro 380 in the rose gold so a beautiful beautiful gun this of course is one of the six new micro models so again you can check more out here and also at the our home page at Kimber America calm I love the new designs that come out with their so many different versions of the micro 9 now if you’re in the market for a single stack 9-millimeter concealed carry handgun and you’ve been intrigued by the micro nines they got a lot to offer in the way they look as well you’d like to see other 2017 NRA videos we put a link below by far the most important part of this YouTube channel is it is a ministry to us and we take prayer requests never ever have States sending your prayers thank you for watching this episode of got filming guns and as always love God love your family love God [Music]