Micro 380 – Kimber, we have a problem!

all right so I’m out here with the Kimber micro 380 I happen to notice a few months ago that I started having some difficulty with failures to feed and double feeds I didn’t I didn’t think much of it I thought maybe because the magazine’s I got I bought a new magazine that didn’t seem to solve the problem so I’m going to come out here I called Kimber and they said oh you have the old spring and guide rod and we changed that about two weeks after purchase yours so we’ll send you the new spring and guide rod and then that’s what the problem is so we’re going to I’m going to shoot it with a few different loads of ammo first then I’m going to change out the spring in the guide rod and let’s see if Kimber’s right we’re going to load up some six-hour fmg so Megillah FMJ and some Federal Premium jacketed hollow points and see if it shoots any of this stuff okay first up we’re shooting the the Sig Full Metal Jacket round those flat points this is the sig elite ammo [Applause] it didn’t it did not all the way go into battery when I released the slide release so I had to push it forward [Music] all right here comes the Aguila round nose again it didn’t didn’t go into battery when the slide was released federal hollow-points that’s even didn’t even come close to going into battery when I release that so let’s see failure to eject [Applause] [Music] so several failures to go into battery and one failure to eject none of which is acceptable in an everyday carry gun when your life depends on it let’s switch let’s bring it to young guns slide apart and I want to show you the difference between the this is the original with the round the round spring it’s pretty short spring and then here is the new one you can see this is a circle and this is more of a circle with a bite taken out or happening whatever you want to call that and this has a flat wire spring hopefully you can appreciate that it’s quite a bit longer than this spring so hopefully that will solve the problem with the failures just reassembled and now we’re going to shoot off the trammel and see how it goes they’re going to function test the new recoil spring and guide rod and in addition to the sig FMJ and the Aguila fmg and the federal hollow points we’re also going to throw into the mix a sig performance premium hollow point and see how we do with the new with the news to setup so they’re from the ground those black points I’m seeing [Applause] [Applause] here come the federal micro HST hollow-point went into battery sig v crown elite all point and in the battery that’s a pretty interesting failure to eject the the top brass is pointing the wrong way I don’t know how in the heck that happened all right okay so the problem of not going in the battery but we have a single failure to eject and so I’m going to say the jury’s still out I’m going to load it up and we’ll do another few magazines and we’ll see what happens okay we’re going to start out again with the sig crown FM G’s round those flat points like those hollow points we’re going to deal around those [Music] don’t seem to have any problem of those now we’re going to do two magazines of the Singhvi crown jacketed hollow points that was the one that had a problem you can get through 14 of these without a failure all right so it’s definitely an improvement over the previous guide rod and spring but I’m definitely going to want to shoot at least another 100 to 150 rounds gun I even consider making it my gun again you all right here’s Luke he’s going to shoot for magazines of the sig elite 100-grain fmg ball ammo out of the Kimber 380 auto range is hot already have a jam just walk that walk back okay all right double feed fill the lock back on an empty magazine [Music] fill the log back all right last magazine of the sig felt that was all that was all for magazines No all right we’re going to load it up and try to try some other ammo here all right I’m going to be shooting the Fiocchi 95 grain ball ammo out of the Kimber the algo range is hot okay walked open slide went into battery magazine popped out I think on that one I may have inadvertently it’s a magazine release since I’m a lefty and I can’t I can’t fault the pistol for that last magazine no failures with the Fiocchi alright I’m going to I’m going to shoot a couple magazines of the cig hello to see whether that was a problem with the gun the problem with the ammo or with Luke’s grip on this small pistol so let’s see I’ll go rage is hot this is the cig hundred grain FMJ sigil enamel not often good start you you okay well back from the range and I’m very disappointed to report that the Kimber micro 380 did not function as well as I would have hoped with the new spring and guide rod that did not fix most of the problems it did fix it going back into battery when you release the slide lock and that’s working fine there was obviously too weak of a recoil spring in there before in this flat wire spring does a better job with that the disappointing thing is that even with premier sig leaf FM jmo we had multiple failures we also had multiple failures with arms core 380 which is 95 green which we didn’t film because we thought this would this would be just flogging a dead horse but basically there’s no way on God’s green earth I’m carrying this gun at this stage and unfortunately I am going to call Kimber tomorrow and see about mailing it back to Kimber and having them take a look I think I’m still under warranty for another month so I’m going to send it back and we’ll see what happens when they get their hands on it so stay tuned for part three [Applause] you