Kimber Micro 9 Pistol

Jeff with rady man hey we’re here we’re going over the Kimber micro 9 we literally just pulled this out of the box and this is the first time we’ve shot it and this is actually the first time that I’ve even held this thing it’s a you know first impressions we’re going to go over that a little bit and we’re going to take this thing for a test drive and see how we like it and go over some of the stuff that I’m noticing right off the bat from the first six rounds that I fired you know when we got the Kimber we’re really excited to check this thing out because the micro 9 is the new hot pistol that’s coming out on the market and it’s the big push for Kimber you folks that are out there that are already Kimber fans you know that they’re known for their quality and a great pistol in the 1911 area area where it’s at 45 caliber well they’re micro 9 is obviously is a little a little 9 millimeter that they’ve put together that’s more of an everyday carry you know when we got it it came with this case it’s a nice clock case it came in here and you can put your magazine right there and then also with their standard box that opens up and you’ve got all the literature that’s in there with your with your gun lock and then you’ve got some gun Lube that came with it there’s some to the shooters choice as well as you’ve got some you know a thank you note join the NRA of course Kimber sticker then you’ve got the micro 9 safety instructions manual some of these things can be a little bit tricky to take apart but you know that’s why they throw that in there that’s good and then they’ve got a Crimson Trace flyer in there as well to help you out but overall it seems like it’s a really nice pistol so far I will say though first impressions firing it that was literally my first 6 shots that I fired with this Kimber it’s very crisp it wants to jump in your hands and I’ve got a little bit bigger hands so there’s no pinkie hold on the bottom either so there’s a little bit of getting used to you for that as well you know if you hold this pistol up to my hand here you can see it’s about the size of my overall hand so this would be great for concealed carry but it does jump in your hand a little bit also so they’ve got the hammer that they’re known for as well as they’ve got a manual safety without the little indent that a 1911 slide typically has so this is very small pistol that fits in your hand pretty snug in so let’s say let’s try it again here [Music] hey so I’m getting used to that that was literally rounds seven through twelve there that I just shot there and you can see I’m pulling that in it’s coming in nice and center obviously any new pistol that you pick up you want to make sure that you’re training with it and that you’re getting used to it you know the capacity on this one in the day and age of the high-capacity pistol there’s not a lot of room here with this but it sure makes it easy to to get out there and carry this thing it’s a metal frame so they still are sticking to the old traditional metal frames as well as they’ve got some knurling on the back here to help with the grip you know there’s probably a couple of tune up features here that we could put together to make this fit in your hand a little bit better I’m not a big fan of those great big monga so grips that are out there but you know some knurling on the front would probably be a little bit nice it is really crisp in the hand when this thing fires it really wants to jump in your hand so you need to make sure that you’re locking it down I do like the sights that they’ve got here it’s a triple dot sight and they seem to be pretty well right on target that first round went a little bit higher first or second round the rest of them I pulled right in there and then also was able to go through the head plates so we’re going to shoot this just a few more times see if there’s any other strange little nuances they come out on this pistol and then we’ll go from there but overall first impressions you know literally this is the first five minutes of shooting this Kimber and first impressions are hey this is a nice little pistol this is something you could definitely carry day to day and have it on you it’d probably be really comfortable you know that’s one thing that then with the 1911 is it’s got that super narrow profile that’s now beginning to become more and more popular with gun enthusiasts we’ve seen this with some of the other pistols that are out on the market and with the single stack so you’re you’re getting rid of some of that bulk you know which means you’re carrying a little bit less ammo but you’re getting rid of some of that bulk so now the sudden it’s a heck of a lot more easy to carry so let’s try six more rounds super rat and then we’ll finish this up [Music] okay went through a faster series of rounds there got in about six rounds you can see all of them are pretty much in the a zone there with a with an IPSec style target overall impressions hey this thing fits the hand really well it’s a little bit small for me wants to jump around I’m having a little bit of a time controlling it but that’s okay because I’m not bringing to use my pinkies there to hold it in place but overall I’m liking it I’m liking the slim profile here makes that thing easy to carry you know the best postal I have is one that you happen to have on in Kimber’s done a great job here making this so it’d be really easy to carry this thing so overall first impressions with the Kimber Micro nine we give it two thumbs up [Music]