Kimber Micro 9 -[ Full Review & TORTURE Test ]

it’s Android gy6 vid and in today’s episode we’re doing a full review of the Kimber micro 9 this lighter see if I can hit the feel with it rock now so many people try to say which one’s best you go a little bit bigger have better accuracy go smaller have better concealability less imprinting but it really does come down to the end-user you know one man’s trash is another man’s treasure another man’s treasure another man’s trash as it goes and goes and goes in a giant circle so far out of the box when I’m seeing with this Micro nine it is not only somewhat similar to the smallest concealed firearms I can think of on the market but also it has 19 11 platforms so you’re going to have the same setup same mechanics same function at the 1911 – the ever so dreaded back strap safety back strap safety sucks so the fact that this is a 1911 style firearm as all the ergonomics of the 1911 obviously just shrunk down without that back strap safety huge to me frame itself is made out of aluminum and it does come in a matte black finish the slide however is stainless steel and does come in that desert tan from Kimber you’re getting a weight that’s just over 15 and a half ounces with an empty magazine the overall specs with a micro 9 looking at a height that’s just over 4 inches tall length of the gun is just over 6 inches and with a frame width of just slightly over one inch so first glance obviously this is our desert tan LG version it’s got the laser grip from Crimson Trace in the grip you can turn that on by flipping on the switch either down or up and it’s activated by a pressure switch on the grip so when you grip your hand around the gun that laser turns on with natural point of aim you don’t have to worry about flipping something on with your finger in the front or hitting buttons multiple times to get to strobe or to get on or get off it’s just on when you want it to or you can flip it off when you want it to now on that note I’d quick downside about that I found that this switch is very easy to turn on or turn off I’ve accidentally turned it on and off with my hand swiping down or swiping up a few times so that right there out of the gate I’m kind of like ah I wish it had a little bit more positive on or off because sometimes you don’t want to have that laser on and you never know when that button is going to accidentally depressed if it’s in a bag or a case and then you have a dead battery the texturing on the grip is well it’s not too over-the-top the grips do feel a little plastic key to me obviously it is plastic I’m not expecting it to be metal but this one is just kind of a little along the toyish side magazine release is in a great position just in the same spot you’ll find it on any other gun but it is not ambidextrous it’s on one side safety same as you’re going to find on a 1911 as well flip up save is on to put down safe is off it’s not ambidextrous it’s not on this side either it’s just on the left-hand side saving weight saving overall dimensions and girth so I can see why they would want to eliminate it this is a big factor when it comes to concealed firearms but especially when it comes to ladies sometimes especially females I’m not trying to single you ladies out but you know the strength factor you got to push and pull and sometimes you like you don’t have enough grip and that’s just the end for you when it comes to deciding what gun you want to have for concealed carry very little pressure needed for that obviously when the hammer is down you’re going to have to push a little bit harder but not by much and then that slide release also is very very low poundage needed to be able to drop that slide forward now moving on from there you do have your regular single action firearm as you would find in any 1911 hammer has to be back in order to pull the trigger and make the gun go off it is not double action now that being said though the trigger on this is phenomenal they bring it over here very little take up and then there’s a wall you hit perfect ready to rock and roll another little extra pounds on there and the gun goes off crisp there is no over travel either there’s no over travel to the back of the gun over travels when the trigger breaks the trigger still moves a little bit to the rear of the gun and that can throw off your follow up shots if you’re not skilled in that firearm now a reset let’s bring this across drop this down come on now reset this watch how quick right there now Kimber says the trigger poundage is at 7 pounds but it feels lighter than that because there’s so little take-up and so little over travel it feels like it’s in that three and a half four pound range even though I know it is more and then you match that with their three dot sight system which is very apparent I have issues with certain sights where when you look through them and you’re looking at your target now granted you do use your sights you do aim with them but in point-and-shoot shooting when you have a threat coming at you and you’re supposed to draw on fire as fast as you can you’re not going to be trying to like close one eye and get perfect pinpoint accuracy you want to be able to catch that front sight as fast as possible and follow up the shot but boom I like the ergonomics I like the size I like to wait overall I’m really enjoying this gun I just want to shoot it and see how reliable it is there’s a lot of issues with tight tolerance 1911 platforms if there’s any dirt inside of it or any debris it may not function as well as you would hope let’s start shooting this thing and see what the heck happens when it rings some steel and shoot some little more volatile targets here in a second gotta love explosions alright we’ll continue I’ve set up the accuracy real fast got two targets downrange turn off the laser because I haven’t properly sighted in the laser yet let’s go for the right target first dead center see what the accuracy looks like from the right hand side and then we’ll move to the left inside I’ll take that any day trying to keep the pace you know pretty quick a lot of people ah you’re not going to do that with this of a gun you’re going to be really kind of pushing through your round especially if you’re looking to train quite often I’ll take that sights are very easy to pick up I’m doing that a lot mag out let’s go flush mag this time so as you can see it’s quite a bit different you lose a little bit of grip on the gun let’s go dead center on the left hand side you can see right away that I’ve starting to lose my group a little bit easier because I’m losing the lower portion of my hand I’m losing that pinky so it’s a little bit more hoppy but overall recoil is very nice very minimal compared to what you would think with the nine-millimeter in a platform this small trigger is amazing magazine out next magazine in let’s get the right hand side again let’s go a little bit lower okay pulled that last one follow-up shots are very easy I aim for the center black dot the first time I’m hitting a little high with it a little high right and then I aim for the tip of the lower red arrow and as you can see them still and slightly high go to the mag no problems whatsoever yet – Maggie load it up we are using Stan one arm race 115 grain nine millimeter fmjs you’re looking for match great ammunition at bulk costs look no further than the San Juan Armory go check them out links in the description I’ll take it this was the first shot group right here you’re looking at no bigger than the length of my thumb interrupts your current broadcast to bring you an exploding paint can in slow motion uh I never gets old alright back to the review real targets brought to you by ta targets comm they that target systems are to list requirements once you get the bolts put in you don’t have to remove them you don’t have to change them and allows you to set up your targets quickly I’m use a two by four the base plate which comes with the steel target it’ll definitely help you out when you’re on the range and save you some time use discount code gy6 vids to get 15% off anything they sell on the website also into the sponsor of this video that you have to go check out is Kripke comm go check in the description their link is there they make the official Kydex key holder pretty much turns your keys into a pocket knife check them out links in the description we’re not looking for extreme accuracy right now we’re mainly looking to see how the gun performs with a decent amount of ammunition through it we’re also going to put hollow point rounds through this to see how it cycles I think we have some winchester white box and then we’re going to torture test this a little bit we’re throwing it on the ground putting dirt in it all that fun stuff okay ah see I’m noticing a little something there as you can see it’s not in batteries so failure to seats or failure to go back into battery is what’s happening right now you got to head it forward and it’s going to be good to go again what I’m finding is when I put my hand on this gun especially without the lower section of the pinky extension I’m putting my hand as tight as I can on the gun and my thumb’s are pressing against the slide which keeps it from fully racking another round in which is a filler to go into battery because my big fat fingers so I’m gonna try to keep my hands a little bit lower and mitigate that that wasn’t on the gun that’s just on me pushing on it slightly on the gun the fact that’s tiny so you’re going to have to get used to shooting a gun this small and rearranging where you put your fingers back out another mag in mag drops next mag in let’s go a little bit of the plate okay slide blocks back that’s for mags in a row not a problem with load up some more and see how it does I like it very easy to aim and that three dot sights very easy to pick up even with follow-up shots we’re not cleaning this gun the entire video we cleaned it when we first got it pretty much opens it up quick surface cleaning and put a little bit of oil in there and so far still working perfect and that slide is actually getting even easier to work but let’s do some hollow points and see how that performs clouds are breaking up a little bit sky overcast today nice alright so hollow points are in standard hollow points you’d find pretty much anywhere let’s see how they cycle through the gun so far so good there’s one let’s do another one yeah yeah we got hit in the head with a piece of brass most of those extracted rounds are going pretty much right there but every once in a while we get ones that go up and over your head and so as I was shooting my big fat fingers we’re pushing down on the slide release like this and that caused that slide to go home on that last round rather than staying back but you know perfect practice makes perfect so if you’re going to use this for concealed carry make sure to practice with it a lot we’re going to put this on the ground on the drop it from shoulder height I’m six foot three roughly six feet and right onto the steel target flush on each side as well as on its top sides the sights break you will know from blunt-force trama huh yeah oh it’s good nice gun too not for much longer so very fine dirt we’re going to just pour it over this gun all up in that hammer all in that backside just rub it on in there oh goody no I’m not going to I’m not going to bang out that dirt either sometimes you’ll see a torture test and everyone just knocks out the dirt but once we don’t have time to knock out the dirt let’s see if it cycles there’s all this dirt in the action right here so see if it does what it’s supposed to do woo eyes are on let’s point it out there ah camo mag out of the gun okay extracted the round no problem looks like the dirt that’s on near the firing pin blocked it from going off not a good start to torture testing let’s try it again okay so one little shake got it freed up let’s try that one more time mag is clear round comes out gun is clear let’s get some more dirt Oh try it again all up in there oh yes hurts me as much as it hurts you okay so we had a ton of dirt back there last time let’s see if we were to like oh crap it fell in the dirt boom boom boom boom bang it out a little bit put a mag in work and see if it fires alright cool so as long as you give it one bump if it’s covered and caked and packed in the dirt it’ll fire again now firing again up that dumped out alright so now let’s open the action up take the same amount of dirt let’s get that bush out of there then I pulled in the entire plant inside my gun now the action is open putting dirt all up in that action all over the barrel all on the backside under the slide get in there rub it in dropping it ooh crusty a little bit more resistance when the slide drops forward maybe that’s where the spring tension of the slide may be a negative it may not may not have enough guts to push forward when there’s any debris blocking it but so far it worked let’s see what happens when we rack around in Oh failure oh so we’re having issues – failure to go into battery that dirt in the slide and obviously up underneath is causing issues okay so once you get it to go into battery which is just one bump it let’s try not to put any dirt underneath the slide which is pretty much going up into the mechanics of the gun let’s just put it on let’s just put it in the action all that in the action front and skip skip the under the slide section and see if it will go into battery a little bit easier this time mags in let’s slide drop ah still sticking but you give it one punch and it works fine granted that’s a lot of dirt and it’s very fine powdery dirt it’s not sand you just have to see if it drops by itself yeah a few cycles of that slide it’s already feeling better now let’s do a drop test and see how that does alright this is the painful part ah at chin level that way we’ll have consistency with other guns that we do torture testing with Oh Oh and now we’re going to do it on the other side Wow so marred up and nicked the sights and it did knock the sights slightly out of position let’s see if it still fires is what matters most yeah so still fire still functions but knocks your sights slightly out of placement you’re gonna have to readjust those afterwards let’s now drop it on the sights because these sights are metal they’re not plastic which is a good thing because most sites when you drop them if they’re polymer or plastic as you drop them onto something metal it could crack it could break huh actually not too bad it’s kind of more the white paint coming off this deal target than anything cm shoots cool I am noticing a little bit more crusty feel in the trigger obviously I poured dirt directly down into the gun but it still shoots I’m liking it I’m very interested to see how other guns perform with that dirt being poured into the slide through there not just on top but poured in – it’s one thing to just sprinkle dirt over top of your gun it’s another thing to pour it into your gun because having it pushed onto your gun or sprinkled on the gun it’s not going to get it really in the parts that would restrict a gun from working my thumb almost block that slide again hangout crusty nope same issue big fat freaking fingers making sure that slide catch is pushed down these are all good things to understand and see about this gun I know what you’re all going to say why didn’t you throw it well now that it’s already been through the testing and is still shooting fine except for having to come get it into battery for now and then yeah why not slide open cool see how it does slide did drop forward overall appearance of the gun got some grass skid marks some grass stains some grass up in the gun let’s just put a mag in there mag seats fine eyes on chambered that time maybe that row kind of jolted all of the dirt come on did I mess it up again yep I keep hitting that freaking slide release and holding it down my thumb [Music] so slides still back didn’t drop down dirt it’s all up in the gun let’s just drop they’ve even grass now we do have that guide rod the steel guide rod we don’t have a polymer guide rod so it makes it nice especially if it is open like this when you throw it you’re not going to have a polymer guide rod snapping on you you just have dirt that’s just clumped up in there I’m going to hit it just drop that out see they’ll drop see slide catches a little bit but just hammer it into place nice shoots I’m limp wrist thing and I’m holding like this because if it does blow up on me I don’t want it to go in my face hitting it in place aash so at least I know it’s my problem that’s the consistent issue I have is just holding down that slide release see if I can hit the steel with it having played baseball on quite some time don’t hold it against me just god this is gonna be rough look Oh wrong alright alright I’ll throw better this time I’m throwing like a wood it’s tough to throw a gun this nice out of steel target you almost want to miss let’s see if I can hit it yeah my bad is getting multiple throws Oh hit the handle on that one so this is what we might do in the future is we have the standard testing procedure dirt overtop dirt walls open drop it on steel left right hand side and on top and then do whatever we want to afterwards raaah oh yeah that hurts my soul ah it impacted quite hard it broke the grips as you can see there it is busted it’s not through the screw yet and still will work even without this on there it’ll still work but let’s see if the laser still works Wow I think that’s what would have broken first on that grip but it’s fractured and split the grip right there definitely getting beat up but the slide coating desert tan coating on this is showing some signs of wear but no more than what most people are going to pay money for for the battle worn look nowadays with sarah coding so you’re doing your own battle-worn seracote okay ah son of b ah keep hitting that stinking slide release there’s so much dirt and gunk built up around that feed ramp inside it’s a lot of dirt now what I am noticing is this mag well because the frame is you know metal is can bend it can warp that’s the biggest thing I always tell people about polymer frame guns polymer when you have a frame that polymer like a Glock or you name it when it gets pressure on it flexes then goes back to its original shape so there is a positive to having a polymer gun and it takes a lot of pressure even on a hard impact to break a polymer frame we will see in the future as we’re testing polymer frame guns but with metal frame guns as impact something very hard at a high rate of speed so I mean granted don’t get me wrong this is part of the test but it’s the exaggerated part of the test which we probably will be doing with other guns as well and it impacted here and slightly bent the mag whoa it’s causing a little bit of resistance not a lot but enough of that magazine to have to give it a little bit more pressure to get that mag deceit see if I can hit anything with accuracy yeah still hit that okay okay so you can still aim even with the sights can to the side it’s not that far off they are just nudged to the left mag well a little tighter than it used to be but slides the works great trigger still at the same poundage a little grittier but still easy to break good information so hope you guys had some fun with this full review of the Kimber micro 9 this gun overall as I see it probably one of the best concealment metal frame compact pistols I’ve shot in a long time its bed hull points no problem it said FM JS no problem we shot quite a bit of ammunition through this including D roll which we don’t film except for the b-roll you know cinematic shots we probably shot anywhere from 500 to 600 rounds through this gun without ever cleaning it and the last hundred rounds put through this gun were with dirt all up inside of it so for the 500 rounds no cleaning then we poured dirt into it into the frame into the action and it’s still shot a hundred rounds back to back to back without any failures to fire but it did have feathers to seat so there’s the issue there with guns like 1911 that have tight tolerances you’re going to have very little wiggle room for debris to get out so guns that are slightly sloppier are going to do better in debris tests because they have more room to let dirt out but in the same mindset it’s going to hat allow for a lot more dirt to get in all-in-all Kimber micro 9 even after durability testing and torture testing I’m still loving it has got to fix that mag lock so the Android gy6 vid hope you appreciate the video hope you appreciate the honesty hope you appreciate the quality please go say hi to our sponsors links are in the description of this video go check them out go check out their products use discount code gy6 bids to get 15% off most of the stuff 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