Glock 43 Complete Disassembly

hey everyone today I’m going to be doing some spring cleaning on some of my guns so I’m going to be cleaning my clock 43 here among some others so I figured what I would do is go ahead and bring you guys along as I do a complete full disassembly of this and then I’ll clean it and then I’ll do a full complete reassembly of this handgun on camera just for anyone who is curious on how these things take apart or go back together now if you are more familiar with a full-size Glocks you know whether it be in the nine forty forty five they all takedown pretty much identical the Glock 42 and Glock 43 are a little bit different just because the way they’re made so really the main difference is you’re going to see are going to be around the trigger housing but I’ll show you that more in-depth when I get to those but so I’m going to just go ahead and start taking this thing apart walk you through the whole process hopefully give you guys some good views and you can see what I’m doing just so you know the only tool I’m really going to be using is my Leatherman juice s2 and I’m going to be using the little tiny screwdriver it’s got on there because this works very well as a punch and for whatever reason I can’t find my Glock tool right now so this will be standing in in the meantime a really great multi-tool they don’t look like this anymore they have a new model out but same tools and everything so I highly recommend these I’ll put a link to my review of it up there in the corner but first what I’m going to do obviously before you take any firearm apart you should obviously make sure it’s clear so obviously that’s what I’m going to do now so make sure there’s nothing in the chamber you have to pull the trigger on Glock some people don’t like that me it doesn’t make any difference if you have to do perkily depress the trigger and then on both sides you see this little takedown bar you have to pull down on both sides at the same time and pull the slide just barely to the rear maybe that far you’ll feel the takedown bars go down and you just let it forward and then the slide will come right off so very very simple very straightforward to get it off now we have it in the two main pieces which is the slide and the frame the slide is very easy to disassemble right here you have your recoil spring and the Glock 43 it is a dual recoil spring so you have one spring writing inside of another one so put that off to the side that’s this is as far as you need to take this thing down then you can slide up the barrel what I like to do is while holding it upside down like this I will push up on the top of the chamber here and that will just push that barrel up and we’ll just slide it out and that’s as far as this takes down no other pieces for the barrel at this point gets a little bit more complicated and there are some more differences here compared to the other Glocks when it comes to the little plunger safety there as well but same general idea if you look in a let me see try to get it at the right angle there is a little black sleeve right there at the base of that opening this right here is a striker that little piece sticking out is what actually hooks onto the trigger you have to depress that while pushing this backplate down depressing that will take all the tension off there and so what I’m going to do is I’m going to push down and while I’m pushing down I’m just going to be pushing towards my right with the back plate and slowly slide it off I want to be very gentle because there’s a bunch of stuff under spring tension under there and I don’t want it to come flying out so again I’m going to depress that little black sleeve under there while pushing forward on that and all right once you hear it kind of pop that’s going to be the sound of your extractor spring at that point you don’t need to depress the sleeve down anymore and then you can just slide off that back plate again I like to keep my thumb over it just so nothing comes flying out and there’s your back plate at this point what I’m going to do is is push up on the striker catch right there and that’s going to take that whole assembly out and then you’ll see the spring portion there for the for the for the extractor spring now one thing to note there’s a solid portion and then there’s the spring portion the spring portion is always going to go towards the aft of the slide but I’ll discuss that more in depth when I put this thing back together alright so at this point the only things we have left are the extractor and that little safety plunger so what I’m going to do is I’m going to push up on that safety plunger which should relieve the tension enough for the extractor to come falling out so I’ll even do it with this just so you can kind of see but I’m going to push down and yeah didn’t take much pressure at all and this is your extractor that’s going to come out at that point I can just pull down or maybe pry out a little safety plunger it’s harder to do behind a camera and then that comes out just like that and you have a little spring inside there it’s going to be the smallest spring on the slide so make sure you don’t lose it now the only thing we have left to disassemble is the actual striker assembly here now I have multiple times almost lost these little cups that keep this spring in place so you have to be very very careful here what I’m going to do just to make it a little simpler I’m going to put my slide barrel side down and basically use this as a nice platform to actually push down on the spring so with that striker section off to the side so it doesn’t go down I’m just going to push down on that spring pull the suction cups off without suction cups put the little cups off and then very gently release that spring always a single go flying at that point you can pull that sleeve off the striker and now we have our slide fully disassembled so these are the cups that I was talking about basically there are two halves that go together to actually lock that spring in place and they can sometimes be a real pain so that’s our slide fully disassembled so now we’ll move on to our frame there are two pins on the Glock 43 that actually hold everything in place we have normally on like Gen 3 or 4 blocks on the full-size Glocks you’ll have two pins up here with one pin in the rear this one only has one I have found that you know a lot of people take a punch and hammer this one until it comes out that’s really not necessary at least in my experience so what I’ll do is I’ll just kind of fiddle around with the slide lock right here and even push down on it because there’s spring tension on the front of the extractor Springs and then I’ll just push this straight through so I’ll just kind of fiddle around and yeah all you got to do is push down towards the forward part of it and it really is all the tension on it and you can pull that pin all the way out at that point you can well hold on for a second so I’m going to take out the pin that holds on the trigger assembly or trigger housing just going to push through see if I can just pull this out by hand and that’s our two pens at this point I’m going to pull out the locking block right here I’m just going to get up underneath it and pull up that point our slide lock will come out that’s a spring I was talking about so that’s why I like to push down on the front part and then at this point our entire trigger trigger assembly will just pull straight up and out of the Glock frame we’ll disassemble that more in a second at this point this is really as far as you normally have to take it down but if you want to do things like take out your magazine release then what I’ll do is I’m going to use this little pic here this is a husky pick they usually come in a set of four I’m just going to use this angled one right here now you should be able to see down in there a little bar that I’m pointing to right there hopefully you guys can see that well enough that bar is basically as acting as a tensioner on the magazine release so if I push on the magazine release you’ll see that move off to the side hopefully hopefully you guys can see that well enough so what I’m going to do is I’m just going to pull on that bar off to the right side of the frame and there is a little channel that will allow it to pop out it will come out straight and then you can pull your magazine release out sometimes you have to kind of angle it around pivot around like if you’re moving a couch upstairs and that will allow you to actually fully remove that magazine release now if you want you can also pull that out just take some pliers and pull it straight up and that will come out as well but really this is as far as you need to take it down if you have to take it down any further than this I really the only thing is to take that bar out and to take your takedown bar out but really you shouldn’t have to do that now to fully disassemble our trigger housing this our trigger assembly this is again where we have some differences between this and the other Glocks out there same general parts but it’s configured a little bit differently so instead of having a trigger spring that goes from the rear of the housing to the back of this little crucifix form we just have a little bar in there so what we have to do you can see it cut around the front part there let me use this to point right in there that’s what’s keeping that in place so kind of similar to the other ones you just want to kind of pull it up and pivot it out kind of pivot that rear end outboard and it’ll come out for you at that point your trigger is fully disassembled then we have our connector here one thing to note on connectors they’re supposed to stick out like that so if that looks odd to you it’s fine it’s supposed to do that don’t try to straighten it but you can get up underneath it like this or there’s also an access point from the other way if you have a glock tool you can just push through on that but for ease right now it’s going to get underneath this pry this up and then pull that out by hand set that down and then this can be the most complicated part of disassembly on here is taking this little bar up if you get like a spring up read kit you’ll have to replace that spring in there and it can kind of be a pain if you look closely you’ll see that there is a little kind of bar that holds it horizontal and then the opening is vertical what you have to do is pivot this around to where that hole lines up with this bar and that will allow you to take this whole piece out and then your spring will come straight out as well so that’s kind of what I’m going to try to do hopefully you guys can will be able to see it well enough so I’m just going to try to get up underneath this bar and pivot it off to the side I went back so pivot it up and off it’s going to be difficult okay pivot it up and off to the side like that alright so once it’s lined up in there we’ll be able to slide this piece out and then this spring will come out like that and then that bar is not being held in it anymore so that can come out as well but I’m not going well just for grins and giggles I’ll take it out then I guess I got caught up in here I even know how I did it this was one of the more frustrating things when I first got my Glock 43 someone was making a video on how to disassemble it which I was watching to be able to upgrade the spring on my boss’s Glock and he got to the trigger housing solid it was different said oh well I guess I won’t do that this video and I was like well that’s the only part I wanted to see so that’s why I’m doing that for you guys so at this point our Glock is fully disassembled you can totally do a detailed cleaning on it which I’m about to do and then once I’m done cleaning it I’ll turn the camera back on and show you how to put this together right now probably looks like it’s in some pretty good disarray but we’ll get this thing back together no problem so I’ll put a link to that here at the end and as always I hope you’re able to get something out of this video I really appreciate you watching forward so the spring part you should see the black tip here at the very back in a slide or extract or striker assembly back in into the slide now at this point you’re going to have to push down on the striker sometimes if