Czech CZ75 Torture Test

these are Czech cz-75 you having these on my website have the B grade which is up above at the top one there these guns are all matching the slide the frame and the barrel all have matching numbers I’ve noticed most of them are late 80s early 90s like that bottom one there is 94 there’s top ones in 88 these are Israeli police trade-ins so these were sent to Israel and ended up here haven’t been available for some while they are nine milliliters 15-round magazine the B grade as you see up there does not have much finish left and that is the reason is the B grade it’s for cosmetics but I’m going to be having both of these this would probably bottom would probably a standard I’m gonna be having both of these a bunch more on my website shape around there in this one which is as you know really crappy ammunition but it’s time for blinking and then I have some brass case nine-millimeter that I movie shooting later let’s start out with the cheap steel casting sections and see how it does now let’s try the hostage target this is brass cased ammunition is the co key or Fiocchi however you want to pronounce it watch all you see the slides pull back I mean just super easy and the trigger on this let’s see if I can show you the reset really quick launch one off resets right there we’ll show you one more time okay reset is right there trigger is pretty light I don’t know how many pounds I would say but it’s a very light trigger be great I chose the ugliest one I had because I want to do a torture test just to see how much the sand gun can take so we’ll fire a few rounds and I’ve got the cheap brown bear in this again slide is super easy to engage let’s try hitting me I had it there for a second see there’s nothing in the chamber leave that clear just let it get wet for a second probably doesn’t even need a second but that way to stand it here is because that’s really when a gun gets jammed up as a NEPA panel just to test it out these do not have D cockers on them so let’s try putting in some sand and do it here I’d say it’s pretty dirty you’re going to help add look at that now I’m going to Pat some of it off just for safety reason whew yeah not even when I go open that could be why I took awhile for this let’s try it out and it’s out so you take a look at it’s still very dirty I cheated a little unpadded it off but it would not function this the sand all the way on it like that but not bad for a completely wet and pull missile and once that sand is cleared out of there is you see the slides pretty mean I still easy to operate triggers still really nice but a nice clean break now that we have a lot of magazine you see still no problem at all firing even with all that crap that’s in there so they did pretty well especially it’s a torture test I can’t speak for accuracy because I’m not good at firing pistols whatsoever it’s something I’ve been improving on over time but I’m posting the full and complete video of it so you can see for yourself how well it did especially I mean using one that’s been this used and abused to go through that torture test and survive it’s pretty good really enjoy these pistols like I said the slides on them are fantastic and it’s very smooth and as you can see there’s no wiggle there at all they make no noise so it’s very easy trigger on there too I’m very impressed with these guns I’m definitely gonna be keeping one for myself you can visit the website the moss and create calm like having these up on Tuesday leave it at 28 yeah we’ll be up on the 28th now please click Subscribe you have any suggestions or anything feel free to post them in the comments section thank you