belivet the cz-75 SPO one is a straight of duty weapon now one of these sissy concealed carrying wonder knives that have taken over the market it’s all metal it’s big it’s heavy but man is it a blast shoot when I was shooting IDPA which I plan to pick back up in the near future you had your Glock 34 s your MMP pro series and then you had your CZs the difference between the Glock 34 fanboys and MMP pro series revels is the sheer enthusiasm most CC yuppies had for their firearms after doing this review I now understand why the yuppies love their beloved cz SPO one so much this gun makes me want to throw a second amendment shooting party in California with 17 round magazines with that being said let’s get on with the review the main part about the CZs desirability is the way it handles recoil or better yet mutes recoil because it doesn’t exactly absorb recoil like most other guns do it’s almost like someone picked up a remote control and just turned it up the gun obviously recoils and there is some muzzle flip but you don’t have feeling I could shoot this thing all day and not like I can shoot my Glock 19 all day but like how I can shoot a Ruger tuned to all day except I can load 18 rounds instead of Sam I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with his guns recoil characteristics double taps rapid-fire you name it calling this gun controllable is an understatement it’s just now before you guys start leaving me comments about how slap-happy I was with the trigger in the last shot let me explain the cz trigger is really nice it’s light and smooth and very easy to stage having a metal trigger plays a big part in all of this the only issue I had with the trigger was the reset was a bit longer than I expected and it’s audible but not very tactile being used to shooting Glocks I hadn’t quite gotten used to using the trigger at that point the double action pull is light compared to most other double actions which feels more like yanking at the hammer of Thor than it does shooting a fire i short Stoke to trigger a couple of times during rapid fire as I was a little too eager on their nut but in all the trigger is really nice but you have to get used to it I wasn’t very accurate at seven yards with this gun now before you all start screaming bloody murder it wasn’t the gun it was me I couldn’t group with this thing as well as I thought I should have but I will say this with more time behind they’re gonna know for certain it’s an easy gun to shoot well with this easy points very naturally and the ergos are really top-notch but I’ll get into all that whenever I do the tabletop review of this gun all in all though I wasn’t happy with the shooting I did with this guy I know I can learn to shoot well and in a very short period of time because this gun is so fun and shooting the recoil is pretty much non-existent you do have a tendency to shoot faster they probably should it’s really hard to shoot this thing slow all you want to do is turn your brain off and just keep pulling the trigger on so there’s no more boom-boom let’s get something straight anyone who uses a cz 75 SPO one or any cz for that matter in a shooting competition is basically a cheater this thing is simply too easy to shoot a cz should only be allowed compete against other CZs don’t get me wrong this is no high-speed 1911 but man is it close I still can’t get over how soft this thing shoes I can’t for the life of me figure out how they managed it especially considering how retarded Li small the slide is either way this gun is fun fun fun fun the cz-75 is the perfect range gun everyone can enjoy shooting it it is a very unique design and I love it even even with the retarded midget slide honestly I think everyone should have a cz in their collection there just isn’t a gun like it you